Frequently Asked Questions

When is polo season?

Depending on weather; Polo season usually begins mid May and ends in late October. Please check our schedule for details here.

Where do I park?

Depending on the event, designated parking will be provided and marked accordingly (always away from horse trailers). On non-event days, parking is subject to reason for visit (please ask farm employees). Vehicles must always be parked approximately 20 ft. from horse trailers.

How do I book an event?

Tying the knot, throwing a birthday party, having an anniversary or a corporate event? We cater to all and more! Our team works hard to help bring your vision to life and make sure all of your guests get the ultimate experience. Pricing varies based on consultation. You can find more information on our Wedding Packages here.

Contact Teena Tucker today to book your consultation or event date!

How do I become a member of the polo club?

Whether you are new to Polo or a seasoned player, we are always accepting new club members. Learn to ride, play and more with our club members and teams. There is a place for all ages and experience levels. Contact Teena Tucker or Brett Brown for membership details here. *Seasonal or Annual fees will apply.

Are the events open to the public?

Yes! All events (unless labeled “Private Event” in schedule) are open to the public. We encourage all ages to come out!

Where can I find the events schedule?

You can find a schedule of Bluewater Creek Polo Club events on our Facebook page or on our website here:

What should I wear to a polo match?

Traditional polo has a more formal dress code. However, that is not the case here! At BWCPC we suggest a sports casual attire, but it is not required. Feel free to come as you are, whatever you may be comfortable in. We do want to remind you to dress for the weather, especially in the summer months, as temperatures can get very high.

What am I allowed to bring to a polo event?

Watching polo matches and other equestrian events may call for some comfortability. Feel free to bring the following: Blankets, seat cushions, chairs, coolers of snacks and drinks (we don’t encourage glass bottles), picnic baskets, umbrellas, sunscreen, dogs (please keep on a leash), family and friends! We like to keep our facilities clean and beautiful for all to enjoy. Please be mindful of trash produced. There are several bins throughout the grounds for you to dispose your garbage in.

When visiting BWCPC, please know that we are a family friendly facility and do not permit the following: loaded firearms or weapons of any kind and illegal substances.

How much are event tickets?

Tickets purchases are required for certain events. Please check our event schedule or Facebook page for ticket details, pricing and where to purchase.

Other than Polo, what is there to do?

The club has much more to offer other than polo, such as: Riding classes, Centaur Racing, private events, public charity events and benefits and more! Check our club schedule for more details on upcoming events.

Have an idea? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Us to share in full detail.

Can I interact with the polo players?

Absolutely! We encourage you to speak to and take photos with the players and horses. We love it when you take us on social media!