Ed Robbins has always been a sportsman, a horseman, and a hunter. His outdoor life has been defined by jumping horses, foxhunting, and raising National Champion hunting dogs. Radar, his prized hunting dog, assisted in the pursuit of dove and quail. Smokey and a number of other bloodline horses carried him through his jumping and foxhunting years. These unique and fulfilling experiences brought Ed to Palm Beach, Florida, in 1979, and helped to spur his first interest in playing polo.

The challenge, the extraordinary horses, and the thrill of the sport captured his attention, and soon Ed wondered how he could bring polo home to North Alabama. On his return from Florida, he began scouting for land suitable to polo fields. Bluewater Creek Polo Club started as a junkyard of buried cars and a network of fishing holes, an area that required a massive overhaul.

Once construction of Bluewater Creek was underway, Ed and his wife Mary Lou took a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a ten day polo clinic. Their experiences included gliding in airplanes, whitewater rafting, and hot-air balloon rides. Most memorable of all, however, was Ed learning to play polo under Billy Linfoot.  


Polo had an inauspicious beginning at Bluewater Creek once the fields were complete. The team started with anyone who had an interest and willingness to learn the game. Play began at a walk, but slowly graduated to games running at a trot. The Bluewater Creek team became official members of the United States Polo Association, playing in tournaments in the Southeastern Circuit against teams from Memphis, Knoxville, Nashville, Columbus, Birmingham, Atlanta, and Jackson. The Bluewater Creek team even played in Costa Rica.

Ed and Mary Lou spent many winters in the 80’s and 90’s playing polo in Palm Beach at the Gulfstream Polo Club. Friendships were formed with the polo families of Ed Bernard and Merle Jenkins. Current players who are now considered family and participate at Bluewater Creek today include Carlos Martinez, Fred Shephard, Judy Carlton, Tony & Kerry Lott, Mike Regula, Rob Esslinger, and Teena Tucker.

Today, Bluewater Creek has a remarkable group of pros, players, and grooms. Professionals Polo Baez and Claudio Santouches guide our team to a higher level of professionalism and victory.

Our state of the art raised party pavilion is now complete gives a heightened vantage point for better viewing polo matches and two levels of shade. Major work was completed in 2011 for the fields as well, such as leveling and re-sodding.

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